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Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Frenzy!

Asian Pears and grapes by CC Willow
Asian Pears & Grapes by CC Willow

So November has now begun. I may get a little lost this month, drowning in words; I usually do. But it's a good kind of lost (as compared to depression) as I travel new paths and find out more about myself.

I have started a romantic thriller, Stuck In The Middle with You, for NaNoWriMo 2015. National Novel Writing Month started at midnight! I know I've been quiet here the past week but I have been developing my new story - fleshing out a plot line. More importantly, I have been getting to know the characters; filling out questionnaires, writing back story scenes, finding ways to make them talk!

And of course, there's November Poem-A-Day challenges starting today. Robert Lee Brewer has started his NovPAD Chapbook NovPAD Chapbook Challenge (housed at Writers Digest's Poetic Asides blog), where the goal is for a poet to have a good start on a Chapbook by the time the 30th poem is finished. I have participated for several years, hopefully this year I actually submit it!

I usually participate in about 5 others, but this time I'm only adding one other - Lorraine Hart's Challenge of the Hart (housed on Facebook). It's a closed group, and I was grateful 3-4 years ago when they accepted me as one of their own!

Please excuse some formatting errors: I am currently in a guest bed in Silverton Oregon. I am enjoying a Halloween weekend with one of my former castmates. It's been great so far EXCEPT she can't remember her WiFi password. So I am limited to my cell phone, love my Lil Bitch (I name my things according to their personality), which is limited in adding links. And formatting. Sigh.

I may not be able to edit from Pixy (my Laptop) until this evening when I get home.

My apologies. I'll like to make this as user friendly and interactive as I can. I want you to feel as welcome as possible in what essentially is my mind.

With all the real-life drama, I figured to be kind to myself and only do the three challenges. You may have noticed - I'm notorious for over-scheduling myself, a habit deeply rooted by my mother. It's a programming I'm trying to reprogram.

So there are two art shows I decided to pass on this month, including Salem's Artist in Action's  holiday "Something Red". Its a great show, and great exposure.  I just returned last year to it after a four year hiatus. But, honestly, I need something left over for my 8-5 " pay the bills" job.

Well, the sun is up and it sounds like Raenna's family is too. So I need to get moving. There is a event called Ecstatic Dance up in Portland soon that she is taking me to ... and it's been too long since I have danced!