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Sunday, October 11, 2015

15 Things A Creative Wishes Their Realtor Knew

Ariel's hope
Coulda, shoulda been mine but, sadly not.

It's very frustrating going to someone for help - because you don't have time/resources to do something yourself - and the other person drops the ball. Completely.

In some ways it's because they don't listen to what you want, but to what they think you should want. Or need. 

As soon as I became widowed, people started expecting me to sell my home ... even though the mortgage is completely paid off. They thought I should get something smaller, more practical. 

Here's the thing ... I am not practical. I'm an empath; I make decisions based on emotions, on gut instinct. 

So it's five, almost six years later. Some uncomfortable changes make me think it would be wise to consider a fresh start. I've mulled it over for a month now.

Dear Realtor,

1) I couldn't decide to sell my house UNTIL I saw that house.
2) I have a FT job and then some; I didn't have time to pursue that house during business hours. Selling that house WAS your FT job.
3) You were the realtor for THAT house. You should have gone big or gone home; you knew I looked at it twice.
4) I come with accessories: hats, books, acrylics. I knew how that house would look with my things in it. I knew where everything would belong.
5) I'm looking for a home as an emotional person, not a practical one. Finding the right one is more a matter of instinct for me than one that hits a checklist.
6) If I had a checklist, THAT house would have hit all but two. I recall mentioning that to you.
7) I showed pictures of that house to everyone in my circle. Sometimes more than once.
8) I would look at those pictures to motivate me to declutter and prep my house to sell.
9) It was the first time I ever considered selling my home. It's not the house itself, it's the land I connected with. I was going to live here for the rest of my life. It's paid off.
10) Any time I waffled on selling my home, I would look at THAT house.
11) I was looking for smaller property, not smaller house. I won't sell unless I KNOW I would be happier in another house.
12) As soon as I saw THAT house has sold, motivation to sell my own-it-completely home dropped big-time.
13) Your idea to eliminate my bushes to increase curb appeal is wrong. Bushes and landscaping IS curb appeal. I paid hard-won money and fought battles for those rhodies.
14) I may still take your other suggestions, the good ones - but mainly to increase the liveability & value of my home.
15) I'm shopping for a new realtor. I probably won't sell -but, still, just in case. ...

and all that "prep" you want me to do in the next two months - let's face it - the month of NaNoWriMo/Poem-A-Day/painting starts in two weeks. Priorities!


  1. Oh no, did you lose the house you were getting attached to buying? I know that feeling all too well.

  2. I would like to say that I am honored that you included me as your friend. I would also like to say thank you for leaving your comments on my post yesterday. In addition to concern for human rights and letting go of ego and attachment, we have another thing in common. And that is participating in challenges because a challenge gets my adrenaline going.

    Now to the question of why realtors don't do their job. I have learned that people do what they are capable of. All humans have a great potential but to bring out the potential we need to have either experienced some things or learned certain skills to bring that potential out. Additionally people show us a mirror, i.e., they reflect back to us what we have done or doing either to ourselves or to others. Did you ever drop a ball on others when they asked you to help them, the way you asked someone to help you and they dropped the ball? When you say that people don’t listen to what you want. Do you think you are listening to them? Are they getting a clear message? I remember once when I was living in Botswana it took me countless weeks to find a house I wanted. Hang in there!! Apologies if the questions I posed come across too direct. Please feel free to leave your answers on I am always curious about others’ thoughts.

  3. Teri, Yes - I did lose out on getting the house. My realtor said he was going to find out when they were accepting offers. A week later the realty website listed it as "offer accepted with contingency"; Realtor and I had been conversing via text & he didn't let me know. When he came over to appraise my house, I INFORMED him. Sheesh.

  4. Majida, direct questions but honest ones! I'm going to have to think about that. My non-direct texts may have been brief, if if my in-perdon conversation was not. I have too many things going in my life right now to give anything my 100%. Heck, I'm NOT at 100% sobI can't give it. Which is why I needed him to represent me, why we out-source such services. Then there's the issues of "I have the house I want" & "I can't afford to stay here". I'm going to have to reflect about this ...