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Friday, May 20, 2016

Taking my other Blogger sites onto Wordpress

I tried posting today ... but gremlins, or maybe sprites, definately ME - kept deleting the posts before it would POST. So I spent the day with my website designs and WordPress and got my ne site pretty eniugh for people to start directing friends and visitors there. Lots more work to do ... do today by being tenacious and going at it slow, I have most of the pages added and started.
* Not my artwork. Not sure whose
but will credit when I find out.

It was easier to focus today - just living in the moments as Ariel or as CC Willow when it came time to add the images . ...

I may not get a chance to post tomorrow.  It will be Saturday - which is plein air painting and my network group meetings.

Incidentally - here are other people like me .... SLIders (Street Light Interference phonemena). They affect inanimate objects, like I do. Maybe not so tied into emotions like mine is - but it's nice to know I'm not the only one.

Still - I wouldn't mind Professor X recruiting me! <giggling> I understand mutants get a full scholarship ride, as well as trips to other dimensions. 

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